Give Your Staff the Right Counterbalance Forklift,
Side Lift Truck, Side Loader & Reach Truck
Training & Save Money

Forklift, Side Lift Truck, Side Loader and Reach Truck Training Courses in Yorkshire or North England
Counterbalance Forklift, Side Lift Truck, Side Loader & Reach Truck Training

Did You Know That You Can Save Money?

Did you know that by having your staff properly and professionally trained, you will reduce your running costs in the form of:

  • expenses  
  • breakages  
  • injuries

The reason for this simple: properly and fully trained operators have less accidents!

Let us, therefore, take care of all you counterbalance forklift, reach truck, side loader and side lift truck training.

Our fully trained and experienced instructors are ready to offer all your staff the necessary forklift truck training certification in:

  • Counterbalance forklift
  • Reach truck
  • Side loader
  • Side lift truck

Difference Between a Counterbalance Forklift and a Reach Truck?

Do you know the difference between the counterbalance forklift truck and the reach truck

  • A counterbalance forklift has a heavy weight at the rear to counterbalance the weight carried at the front. Hence the name ‘counterbalance forklift truck’. It also has a different fulcrum to the reach truck.
  • A reach truck is used in more confined spaces and has the mast reaching out to collect the load. Hence the name ‘reach truck’.

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Other Training Courses

We can also offer training on:

  •  pallet trucks ride on  hand pulled  narrow aisle
  •  stackers  pickers  and more . . .

The training can be arranged on your site so your operators can be comfortable in their own environment training on your/their vehicles.

NOTE if the training is to take place at your premises, then it is your responsibility to ensure that the forklifts used have current LOLER certificate and that personal protective equipment (PPE) are supplied to all delegates undertaking the training.

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Training For All Levels

We have training courses to suit all your needs:

  • refresher courses for those whose licence has expired: counterbalance forklift, side lift truck, reach truck and side loader operators, etc…
  • conversion courses: from counterbalance forklift to side loaders, from reach truck to side lift truck, etc…
  • experienced but untrained staff for: forklift truck operators who have experience but NOT had a licence or formal training,
  • novice courses for the beginner with little or no experience of rider operated forklifts, etc…

All training courses prices are very competitive.

Length of training courses depend on operator experience and ability.

Course Description Course
Counterbalance forklift,
reach truck, side loader,
side lift truck, etc…
Novice 2-5 Days 3
( but not had licence)
2 Days 3
Licence Expired
1 Day 3
Conversion course from counterbalance forklift to reach truck, reach truck to counterbalance forklift etc… Experienced with licence on either 1-2 Days 3
Conversion course from side lift truck
to side loader, reach truck, etc…
Experienced with a licence on either 1-2 Days 3
Training on pallet trucks, stackers, etc… Details on application. 4

Did you know that our courses start from as little as £125!

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All our counterbalance forklift, side lift truck, side loader and reach truck training instructors are BRITTOp or registered with one of the other large accrediting bodies.

And on successful completion of the training course, your trained staff will receive in-house or national certification.

In-house certificates allow operators to use forklifts on any of their employer’s sites only, while the BRITTOp, ITSSAR, NPORS, CITB and AITT certificates allows use anywhere in the UK.

Other Forklift Courses & Special Prices

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  • Forklift Truck Refresher Course,
  • Forklift Truck Conversion Course,
  • Forklift Truck Experienced Course,
  • Forklift Truck Novice Course.

Each course above comes with a very special price!

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