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Health and Safety, Manual Lifting, Manual Handling, Safety Awareness Training Courses in Yorkshire or North England

Our Health and Safety Courses

We are happy to say that, along with all the current training courses we offer, we can also train your staff to become more aware of Health and Safety issues at their work place.

So be sure to get in touch with us to see how we can help you with the health and safety issues you are currently facing in your work place.

The health and safety training course we offer covers:

  • Manual Handling and Manual Lifting
  • Safety awareness appreciation courses.
  •  Fire safety awareness.
  •  Working in confined spaces.
  •  Contractor safety equipment training.
  •  Electrical health and safety awareness.
  •  Lifting operations and equipment.

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Manual Lifting & Manual Handling Courses Save You Money

 Did you know that … the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says that 4.9 million working days are lost each year through back pain and related injuries, at a cost of 5 billion £s?

That is a lot of money unnecessarily lost!

The reality is that Manual lifting and manual handling are tasks everyone of us faces everyday.

Whether you work in an office, factory, warehouse or retail environment, correct manual lifting is something you need to take seriously.

More than a third of all over-three-day injuries reported each year to H&S and local authorities are caused by manual handling.

Manual handling is defined as the transporting or supporting of loads by hand or by bodily force.

(Source: HSE)

  • Our H&S manual lifting, manual handling and safety awareness courses will help prevent these injuries, and hence will save you money!
  • Our manual lifting courses will help your staff learn the correct and safest way to lift/carry heavy awkward items.
  • Our manual lifting course follows the manual handling operations regulations and european directive 90/269/EEC.
  • Our manual handling courses last only 4 hours in duration and are recognised by the H&S executive.

Health and Safety certificates will be awarded on completion of the manual handling and manual lifting courses.

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Safety Awareness Course

Did you know that … the PUWER 1998 requires that every employer should ensure that any of their employees who supervise or manage the use of work equipment receive adequate training for the purpose of health and safety?

This should include training methods which may be used with tools and equipment on site.

To that end, you might like to know that:

  • Our health and safety, and safety awareness appreciation courses are usually held at your employees workplace. This way your staff will become aware of safety issues in their very own working environment.
  • Our safety awareness basic course last only 3 to 4 hours and a certificate is given on successful completion of the course.

We have trainers waiting and ready to deliver all the above health and safety courses.

Safety Awareness Should Be a Priority For All Employers!

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All our health and safety, manual lifting, manual handling and safety awareness trainers are accredited members of the following:

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